#Dead Pose Challenge: South Africans Have Gone Mad Again! (Graphic)


Less than 10 days into 2017, a new cyber madness has engulfed South Africa and the world is worried that Mzansi is breeding humans with extensive capabilities to thrive in sheer lunacy.

The strange new trend of youngsters flooding the internet with photographs of themselves pretending to be dead generated huge anger among social media users who kept wondering what inspired the extreme foolishness. 

The trend was said to have started on either Facebook or Instagram before taking a major leap on Twitter.

While the actual source of the silly pose remains unknown, and it’s essence elusive, let’s check out some of the dead pose challenge pictures that left many reassessing the extent of human dumbness and insensitivity.


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The dangers posed by the deadpose as feared by many is that it could ignore serious cases and think it is part of the challenge.

Some unconfirmed reports have it that a girl of 19 years old have passed out in Pretoria and her friends left her until she died, thinking it was all part of the pranks.

Also, some people attempt very crazy stunts in order to get the best picture for the trend, including tying ropes around their necks and climbing high places.

Below are more pictures of the crazy trend:



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A picture circulating the internet has it that some members of the SAPS allegedly joined in the prank, although it seems more as though they were only sleeping.

Meanwhile, South Africans have taken to twitter to react to the development. While others see something funny in it, others did not fail to express their disgust and range.

Here are some reactions:

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Whatever be the satisfaction that is thriving this craze, youngsters must know that most parents are fragile at heart. It’d be stupid to give them heart complications with faking-dead pictures.