Ex-con Demands R5 Billion From DCS


Reports have it that a former convict slammed the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) with a R5 billion lawsuit alleging that the department stole his idea. 

The ex-con identified as 44-year-old Quintin Richards of Hermanus and owner of Pro-Tech Group Developers said he came up with an electronic inmate monitoring system idea which the DCS stole and awarded the tender to another company for R378 million. 

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Richards said he designed the concept while he was behind bars between 2012 to 2014. It involves containing a suspect’s information in a central system and in a smart card of the suspect.

Commenting, Richards explained that he worked on an idea for the Department of Health before he went to jail after he was convicted of possession of drugs.

“I worked on an idea for the Department of Health before I went to jail and then used this data to develop my idea for the electronic inmate monitoring system.”

According to him, he noticed inmates were given cardboard prison cards which they had to carry around with them. “I came up with the idea to load all this information onto an (electronic) card instead. This would save the department millions on stationery and would help them to go green by cutting down on paper,” he buttressed.

He reportedly shared the idea with DCS officials while he was still behind bars and made a formal presentation to the DCS Regional Quality Assurance Committee on 1st October after he was freed on 5th May 2014.

He said Ms Reid-Moses of DCS even signed a non-disclosure document which prohibited the Department from using his idea without his approval.

Richard later accidentally learnt that a tender to develop his idea has been awarded to Integriton.

“The department has received a notice and has until 9 June to respond…This is not about money, this is about the system I developed. I am as serious about this case as a heart attack. Why would they (DCS) pay that company millions to develop a system which I already developed?” He asked.

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Reporting this, IOL related that the provincial DCS rejected Richards’ claims.

Speaking, spokesperson Simphiwe Xako said – “the Department refutes these claims of the former inmate. We as the Western Cape Department of Correctional Services do not have the power to issue tenders…If he is sure of what he is saying he is free to go to a court of law to prove these claims.”

BuzzSouthAfrica learn that the law firm that represented Nkosana Makale in the Vodacom ‘Please Call Me’ case will be representing Richards.