Once Again, David Mahlobo Raises Alarm About Agencies Working To Destabilize SA


Security Minister David Mahlobo’s claim about foreign agencies working to ruin SA won’t be the first. Earlier this year, we brought a report about African National Congress (ANC) secretary general, Gwede Mantashe’s allegation that the US diplomats were planning to destabilize South Africa. The ruling party also accused US diplomats of “irregular activities”, claiming that Washington is trying to foment regime change inside the country.

Though issues and events that trailed the shocking and suspicious controversial assertion gradually died down but many South Africans seem to have been given another cause to search for truer answers and confirmation to the allegations.

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And once again, SA’s State Security Minister David Mahlobo has told Parliament during a budget speech that some foreign agencies are secretly working to destabilize the country by working with domestic forces.

“We must never yield to some domestic and international forces as South Africans, who have intentions of creating conditions conducive for an unconstitutional change of government, ” he said.

Though Mahlobo failed to come out about invisible planners, he stated that the media, NGO’s, religious and student organisations are being used to push this agenda. He also referenced Syria and Libya as countries where act brought their countries ruins and devastation.

David Mahlobo Slams Malema

Also, the state security minister indirectly lashed out at economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. According to him, Malema’s statement appears to be entwined with a bit of insanity.

Mahlobo said, “The problem is when we allow some people, especially if you have that one family member who’s mentally disturbed, when a mentally disturbed person talks, let them talk and don’t pay attention to them. But if you dare give them matchsticks, you need to make sure you restrain them because they will burn down the house.”

Yesterday, EFF leader, Julius Malema’s threatened that if ANC reacts violently to his party’s peaceful protest, then they will be forced to throw out the government with a barrel of gun.

The EFF leader also claimed during a television interview with Al Jazeera that the ANC in Gauteng rigged elections.

Moving on, State Security Minister David Mahlobo called everyone to speak, act and reject racism as it poses a great danger to  the national development of the country.

“If racism is allowed to manifest itself like in other parties, institutions, and countries, where racists are harboured and seek refuge, it poses a security risk to our national security,” he said.

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Mahlobo asserted that racism is a stark reminder of South Africa’s painful past experience. “It creates profound racial tensions and conflict in virtually all aspects of life in a society,” he said.

He enjoined South Africans to pull themselves out “the barbaric, backward thinking and inhumane belief that some races are inherently superior physically, intellectually, or culturally to others and therefore have a right to dominate them”.