EFF Demands An Immediate Shrink Of Data Prices In South Africa


Juju’s party gave a war cry charging mobile telephone operators to shrink data prices in South Africa.

The #DataMustFall campaign was initiated by radio personality TBo Touch.

EFF decided to power-up the campaign because it’s importance. Part of their 2014 resolutions highlighted that the high cost of communications in South Africa is impeding on the economic emancipation of the people.

The Fighters argued that South Africa has the most sophisticated machinery and resources in the ICT sector. It pointed out that the nation’s mobile telephony operators are ranked among the best in Africa and the world.

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“Yet with impunity, these service providers are robbing South Africans in broad daylight at the expense of much needed information dissemination and development,” EFF remarked.

Malema’s party further argued that SA cellular companies have successfully infiltrated the African market.

“…But because of political will, other countries in Africa are not allowing them to abuse their people like they do South Africans.

MTN is a South African company which does business in Nigeria and Kenya. Their tariffs are cheaper in those two countries than they are in South Africa.

Vodacom is a South African company with tentacles in Kenya but their tariffs are cheaper in Kenya than in South Africa.

Pay-as-you-go data, which is largely used by the poorest of the poor, is more expensive than contract tariffs which are subscribed to by high-end customers,” EFF stated.

With the above, the Fighters asserted that the South African mobile telephone operators do not have the interests of South Africans at heart.

To the EFF, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has failed to manage the abnormal situation. They’ve allowed the mobile operators to do whatever they desire.

And, there is no government to hold the mobile operators accountable.

“Instead, politicians are eyeing Vodacom shares which have been rumored to be on the market soon,” EFF divulged.

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Above all, the Economic Freedom Fighters called on ICASA and the Department of Telecommunications to make the mobile telephone operators shrink data prices with immediate effect.

“We warn the mobile operators to meet the 30 days deadline set by the #DataMustFall campaign or face the might of our people. The EFF will join with its full force the masses who will take action against these enemies of our economic emancipation,” added the party.

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