Data Must Fall Campaign Takes An Unexpected Turn


Earlier this week, radio personality Tbo Touch announced that the 30 day grace period given to mobile networks in the wake of the Data Must Fall campaign is over.

Touch further announced that the #DataMustFall committee would meet to discuss how to launch the “Plan B” of the campaign.

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Thus, Touch announced they are taking the bull by the horn.

“We have a mass mobilization on a huge scale. We’ve partnered with all as South Africans, blacks, whites, unions, churches and advocacy groups and will publish our plan of action by Friday after our meeting with all parties concerned,” he said.

According to Touch, the cause for which they are fighting is a good one and their demands are also very simple.

“We are asking for a price cut that matches other African countries that you are delivering the same services to at a much cheaper price. We are not looking for anyone to lose their job.”

Their demands for the Data Must Fall Campaign include – the creation of data packages for students and unemployed customers; and cutting “happy hour” calls and converting that to data.

In the race for cheaper data rates, Touch revealed that on December 2, Touch Central will host a Free Data Block Party where they will block the Johannesburg CBD. They will literally bring the country to a standstill.

“We gave the networks 30 days lodging a non-hostile campaign, and we thank MTN and Vodacom for responding to that. We thank Vodacom for inviting us for constructive dialogue and applaud them for acknowledging our call and for acting upon it. One can’t make sense of the arrogance of other networks.

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“Various unions, mostly the Communications Workers’ Union, have asked that we join them in mobilizing the need for data prices to go down.”

About 50000 attendants are expected at the party where they will be treated to high-speed data. The data will be available in Berea and Hillbrow and other parts of the city for a period of seven hours.