Finally! Data Has Fallen But With One Little Snag


The Data Must Fall campaign championed by Tbo Touch has finally paid off as Touch corners one network service provider to side with him.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Tbo Touch told fans that he’s about to make “the biggest announcement ever of my entire career.”

Subsequently, former Metro FM DJ and CEO of Touch Central, Tbo Touch (real name Thabo Molefe) announced that MTN has joined the low data movement. Furthermore, he highlighted the new data prices as follows;

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“#DataFalling @MTNza has joined the low data movement. 1Gig data bundle is now R65, 2Gig R99 Unlimited calls, SMS, 3G data for R859 AlutaContinua,” he tweeted.

Besides, all MTN subscribers will stream Touch Central for free starting from Monday. This however makes one wonder who stands to benefit in this campaign.

Nevertheless, Tbo Touch’s excitement didn’t impress some people as one Twitter user lambasted the announcement.

“You know most people are sleeping around this time. Nothing has fallen. We want day data to fall,” said the Twitter user with a screen grab to buttress her point.

Apparently, there were detectives in the house who dug around to discover that the new data prices were only for Night Express.

Playing a significant role in the Data Must Fall campaign is outspoken radio personality and businessman Tbo Touch. The campaign initiated to battle against high cost of data dominated the social media in September.

Tbo Touch called on South African to speak with one voice against the high cost of data since it concerns everyone. He said that if the campaign is successful, students can easily have access to textbooks online for those who could not afford it.

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“Imagine watching your lecture on YouTube while downloading a textbook on,” he tweeted, while asking how a young entrepreneur was supposed to market their business “when the internet is the price of gold”

The whole country stood by him in the campaign.