State Capture Charges: 3 Things Hanging Around Zuma’s Neck


BuzzSouthAfrica has confirmed that the Democratic Alliance (DA) party laid criminal charges against President Jacob Zuma, members of the Gupta family, several cabinet ministers, senior executives of State Owned Entities, and other individuals involved in the state capture agenda.

From our gatherings, the charges were laid today and, were based on the new evidence that emerged in the leaked emails.

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DA said the state capture charges is only a preliminary indictment. “As more information emerges, we reserve the right to supplement these charges,” the party specified.

For the meantime, the party said it’s clear President Zuma and other acted in concert with each other to commit corruption, racketeering and treason offences.

Below is a list of all the individuals roped in the DA’s state capture charges.

  1. President Jacob Zuma
  2. Atul Gupta
  3. Ajay Gupta
  4. Rajesh Gupta
  5. Ashu Chawla (Chief Executive of Gupta-owned Sahara Computers)
  6. Nazeem Howa (Director of various Gupta-linked companies and former CEO of Oakbay Investments)
  7. Mosebenzi Zwane (alleged Gupta-appointed Minister of Mineral Resources)
  8. Malusi Gigaba (alleged Gupta-appointed Minister of Finance)
  9. Faith Muthambi (alleged Gupta-appointed Minister of Communications)
  10. Desmond van Rooyen (alleged Gupta-appointed former Minister of Finance and current Minister of COGTA)
  11. Duduzane Zuma (director of Gupta-linked companies and son of President Zuma)
  12. Matshela Koko (suspended Senior Executive of Eskom)

Each of these individuals will now be held accountable for the following offences:

1. Corruption

Here, the state capture charges stipulated that the individuals committed corruption through unlawful conducts which contravene the Prevention of Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act – 12 of 2004 (POCA).

The offences highlighted here are all about corrupt activities linked to public officers, public officials, foreign public officials, agents, legislative authorities, contracts, procuring and withdrawal of tenders and inducing another person to commit offences.

DA said it “specifically includes the specific corrupt offense of the ‘misuse or selling of information or material acquired in the course of the, exercise, carrying out or performance of any powers, duties or functions arising out of a constitutional, statutory, contractual or any other legal obligation’ that amounts to ‘the abuse of a position of authority, breach of trust; or the violation of a legal duty or a set of rules’ in section 3 of the POCA act.”

2. Racketeering

 The individuals also committed racketeering-related offences through unlawful conduct which contravenes the Prevention of Organised Crime Act of 1998, DA stated.

3. Treason 

The party also highlighted that the individuals committed treason “through unlawful conduct which violates, threatens or endangers the existence, independence and security of the Republic of South Africa or which has the effect of changing the constitutional structure of the Republic of South Africa.”

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DA promised that it will pursue every available avenue until the corrupt State Capture project is stopped and the ANC is removed from power.

“We will not allow Zuma Inc. to continue to steal from our people. We must earnestly focus South Africa towards building a prosperous nation, where jobs can be created for all.

“The law must now take its course. Each of these individuals must be held accountable for their actions and must face the full force of the law.

“Nothing less will be acceptable to the Democratic Alliance, and nothing less will be fair to the people of South Africa, who are united in their condemnation of these heinous crimes,” added Maimane’s party.

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