ANC Is Dead, Can Never Address Its Failure : DA’s Mmusi


The leader of the Democratic Alliance, DA’s Mmusi, says South Africa’s governing party, the ANC is weak, helpless and unable to address the internal crisis.

DA’s Mmusi Maimane said this following growing calls for members of the weary governing party to device means to resolve the party problems.

He said state capture, patronage, corruption and cadre deployment have eaten deep into the governing party hence its steep decline which its “feckless” leadership cannot stop.

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The African National Congress (ANC)  plans to hold its crucial National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting this weekend to reflect on the challenges it faces after last month’s August 3 local government elections,

This comes as ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) member and former Presidency head of policy, Joel Netshitenze, warned that the party may face a humiliating death if it didn’t reverse a culture that has taken hold of the party since 2009.

The party believes through the NEC meeting,  it’s able to learn from its mistakes and that’s what makes it certain that it can tackle the internal problems it faces.

 Speaking on this, DA’s Maimane said the ruling ANC is yet to learn from polls result which saw the party losing three of its powerful metros and a 8% support decline. The ANC had chosen to take “the low road” under President Jacob Zuma’s leadership, said DA’s Mmusi,

“The first clear signal was a reckless and baseless attack on Finance Minister [Pravin] Gordhan in an attempt to remove the ‘internal opposition’ at the Treasury, the outcome of which is still uncertain … The attack on the Treasury was aimed at eliminating obstacles to the government’s plans for the nuclear deal, SAA, the presidential jet and other opportunities for corruption.

“Sure enough, Zuma crony Dudu Myeni was swiftly and irrationally reappointed as SAA board chair, despite SAA posting an R5.6 billion loss for the last financial year. The trillion ­rand nuclear deal was confirmed as going ahead under a veil of secrecy, despite massive public resistance and a compelling argument against it, and the first corrupt contracts relating to the deal were signed this month [September] with connected cronies

Speaking further, DA’s Mmusi said the horrible crisis within Zuma’s ANC  has inflicted many wounds on the government. He said it scaled the pace of state capture, patronage, corruption and cadre deployment, which has “horrified” investors and credit rating agencies.

He also pointed out that ANC’s caucus in parliament deciding to vote against an inquiry into state capture by the Guptas, close friends of Zuma, who are accused of appointing cabinet ministers and having a lot of influence over him are part of the bad signals that will lead to the final demise of the party.

 “They also refused to table the SADTU ‘cash for jobs’ report, which may be the key to breaking the union’s stranglehold over our education system, a crisis that is rendering millions of our children functionally illiterate and innumerate.” He said as he criticized the party of playing a part in the redeployment of the former SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng to corporate affairs despite a superior court ruling that he is unfit for the position.

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The leader said ANC is also the main brain behind the ongoing university fee protests gripping the country’s tertiary institutions and economic crisis the country is facing.

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