Only DA Can Restore South Africa’s Stand In The Global Community- Maimane


Taking up every opportunity to portray the Democratic Alliance as the only party that can deliver SA out of its near sorry state, DA’s Maimane claims only the DA will bring the country back to life again.

Mmusi Maimane, during a DA briefing with foreign diplomats at the Sheraton Hotel in Tshwane, referred to the August 3 as a referendum on Jacob Zuma and the ANC he leads.

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The DA leader, who was joined by DA Provincial Leaders, and senior Party leaders and officials, also said the local government election was proof beyond any doubt that South Africans have had enough and are willing to use the power of the vote to bring about change.

“The DA now has a chance to show these South Africans what we can do in government. We are a national government-in-waiting, and millions of South Africans recognise this. They know that our success in the 2019 election is what will drag our country back from the precipice.” party said, pointing out the good deeds of the party in all  its four metros.

DA’s Maimane added:

“We will also restore South Africa’s standing in the global community. Under the DA, our foreign policy will be guided by two principles: human rights and economic trade. We will recognise our role in Africa as a defender of the basic human rights of all people, and we will make sure that the world knows we are open for business. “

Speaking further on the party’s plan for the country, Maimane said through DA’s principles of Constitutionalism, market economy and the Rule of Law, South Africans will become the beating heart of the African economy as the party will integrate SA into Africa and will recognise the entrepreneur as the key to creating jobs.

DA’s Maimane also said:

“The DA’s brand is to govern well. We will respect public money and we will ensure that the state does its business out in the open. This will allow us to achieve our vision of a strong and prosperous South Africa. And when I say prosperous, I mean to grow an economy that includes all South Africans. Under the DA, poor South Africans will rise.

“But we have no time to lose in achieving this vision. Our government is at war with itself, split between the looters and the defenders. On the one side we have the beneficiaries of a network of patronage that extends all the way from Jacob Zuma at the top down to ward councillors in far-flung municipalities at the bottom. This faction knows where its bread is buttered and will do anything to preserve the status quo.”

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However, the party said it would not support those who want to shield the Treasury and the massive budgets of the state-owned enterprises from the looting, but will, through help from business, civil society, religious bodies and NGOs, re-generate the SA economy.

“The global community has not only an obligation, but also a very real interest, in helping us protect South Africa’s democracy. What took place here in 1994 was a global achievement as much as it was a South African achievement.” DA’s  Maimane added.

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