DA’s Coalition Talks Fails In Two Key Municipalities


As the deadline for coalition talk draws closser, the ANC’s strongest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, reveals that its coalition talks with SA’s radicalist party, the EFF was not successful in two key municipalities.

The DA party executive revealed this on Wednesday after the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) announced that it would not be be forming any coalition government with either the DA or the ruling ANC.

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It was reported that the Julius Malema-led party decided to back out despite having meetings with the ANC and DA on a coalition because the DA and the ANC couldn’t provide substantial reasons why either of them should be crowned king in the hung metros.

The two main parties have since the post local government election day, been rallying around for a coalition government with smaller parties in order to win in the country’s major cities like Johannesburg and Tshwane.

Report from analysts has it that if the two parties fail to reach alliances in Johannesburg and Tshwane, which includes the capital Pretoria, the country’s two economic centers could face policy paralysis as it would dampen investor confidence in the country’s economy.

The EFF decided it didn’t want to go into coalitions with the DA or the ANC,” James Selfe, who has led the DA’s coalition negotiations, said adding that the party plans to move on with SA minority rule believing that the EFF will support them.

“We are confident they will support us to form minority governments in Johannesburg and Tshwane,” Selfe pointed out.

However, Selfe noted that the DA would be able to form a coalition government in Nelson Mandela Bay, which includes the manufacturing hub Port Elizabeth, and several other municipalities without the support of the EFF.

The Democratic Alliance so well known for its massive white support base and a sharply different political ideology to the EFF, which aims at promoting Black support and nationalizing mines and banks along side redistribution of land from whites to blacks without compensation.

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Meanwhile, a reliable source in the EFF central command team said the party will not also participate in mayoral elections in hung municipalities even as the ruling ANC is lucky to have made landmark progress in Ekurhuleni with the African Independent Congress (AIC).