Cyril Ramaphosa Is Being Trash-Talked In Parliament


In every sense of the word ‘trash-talked’, the Deputy President got more than he bargained in a recent session of Parliament. DA’s Chief Whip in Parliament, John Steenhuisen excessively lashed humble Ramaphosa while Mr. President looked on.

My sight is probably being mischievous, choosing to see what never happened. So, I wouldn’t authoritatively state that Zuma smiled when the DA’s Chief Whip, word-whipped our fine deputy leader regarding him as a “Gucci Marxist” who bottled-up his opportunities to lead South Africa.

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Steenhuisean categorically stated

“We’ve to deal with the want to be, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, our Deputy President. The Gucci Marxist quoting Kwame Nkurumah all the while wearing his Gucci suit and cruising around in a 7-Series Sedan.”

He went on to point out that the suit was not locally manufactured to ridicule a speech wherein the deputy president urged South Africans to buy locally manufactured goods to boost the economy.

“I feel sorry for him” Steenhuisean went on. “Because it must be very embarrassing when your previous boss, Ronald McDonald, has more credibility than your current boss. He’s exchanged the golden arches for poorly attended marches.

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“…he thought that becoming president of the ANC and becoming president of the country was going to be as easy as 1-2-3. You forgot the most important A-B-C – and that’s the word that’s going on your back-benchers: ‘Anybody But Cyril’.

You’ve had two opportunities to take control of this country and re-steer it where it needs to go, Mr deputy president. You’ve bottled both of them. You’re fast becoming yesterday’s man,” Steenhuisean told Ramaphosa.

The Chief Whip the ANC look so dejected as though they’ve lost election already.

“You can’t fill a stadium. Hell, you even struggle to fill school halls these days. All you do is lose in court…that is why the opposition is filling stadiums, that is why the opposition is growing…and why the people you’ve turned your back on are turning to the opposition.

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On the 3rd of August, the voters of South Africa will have the opportunity to chop the ugly head of impunity and chop they will,” Steenhuisean forewarned.