DA’s Call For The Privatization Of Pikitup Is Anti Workers – Cosatu


The Congress of South African Trade Union (Cosatu) has condemned DA’s call to government for the privatization of Pikitup saying such move by the party proves they are anti workers and would not be accepted.

 The DA earlier called for the rubbish collection entity Pikitup to be broken into smaller and decentralized service providers across the different city regions in order to open up new entrepreneurial opportunities and create jobs through green technologies.

The party further explained that when government move for the privatization of Pikitup is, it would prevent the entire body to be affected. If there is another strike or incident of industrial strife, only one region of the city will be negatively impacted.

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But in reaction to this, Cosatu, in alliance with  the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) said they would not accept that suggestion because it is anti workers, anti-state and anti people centred development which they say DA has proven to be.

Should it [DA] win elections in Gauteng , the workers will be under siege as they are in Cape Town. This should galvanise workers to defend their gains by voting for the ANC in the upcoming local government elections. The privatization of Pikitup will be tantamount to government outsourcing its developmental mandate to the private sector. the party said

Cosatu further explained in its own term, that privatization of pikitup will be detrimental to the socio-economic interests of poor citizens, which includes workers and the working class in general.

“It will lead to decreased and inferior quality services for the poor, since they cannot afford to pay for the services provided by or through private interests. It will lead to higher prices for the provision of basic services, which will adversely affect the poor. It will limit the extension of basic social and municipal services to the poor.

“It will adversely affect the state’s capacity to: provide basic services to the poor. It will lead to significant job losses and will not provide for job creation. It will foster the casualisation of labour, with more and more workers being hired on limited fixed-term contracts of employment. It will remove workers from the bargaining units established over many years in the public sector, generally leading to a reduction in incomes, benefits and job security.”it said

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The union however, pledged their alliance to the ruling ANC claiming the party’s manifesto is for the good of the workers.

“The ANC in its Manifesto has made a commitment to strengthen the capacity of municipalities and remove all obstacles to ensure that municipalities deliver.

“It will ensure that municipal services remain the core function of municipalities. It is discouraging municipalities from outsourcing the basic services they are able to render themselves. It is committed to building delivery capacity in municipalities with a view to reducing outsourcing of municipal services.

Cosatu’s national spokesman Sizwe Pamla reiterates that the would vote for the ANC because it is tantamount to  defending the gains of the revolution and looking after the interests of their families and communities. A party committed to building delivery capacity in municipalities with a view to reducing outsourcing of municipal services.