EFF Is Not Only For Young People, Older People Are Now In Love With The Party – Dali Mpofu


South Africa’s revolutionary party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has a far-reaching and profound message for the elderly too; and not just for young people, says the party’s national chairperson, Dali Mpofu.

There is no gainsaying the fact that EFF’s supporters are mostly young blood.

Although the party says its comfortable with that; it however believes it still needs to seek the support of more elderly people.

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Speaking in Polokwane on Sunday at EFF’s Tshela Thupa rally held at the Peter Mokaba Stadium; Mpofu recalled that the party has pooled an amazing number of elderly people since it kicked off campaigns.

This, he said depicts the older generation is incredibly finding solace in the party’s message, vision and mission.

“We’ve been labelled a party of young people, which is a good thing, but you need to start expanding. So we are very encouraged, even through this campaign, that the older generation has found our message more and more appealing,” he said.

Dali Mpofu’s  School Of Thought

The national chairperson of the wide-ranging party said he subscribes to the school of thought that power cannot be won if a political party restricts itself to a particular demographic.

“You cannot win elections at a national level if you are confined to one generation or gender,” Dali Mpofu said.

There was a unique difference in the ANC, DA and EFF final rallies over weekend.

And of a truth, that very difference is what could guide people on how and which party to vote for.

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Malema’s speech at the party’s Tshela Thupa rally was consistent with the message while the campaign lasted.

  • Stop accepting handouts, take what should belong to you.
  • Leave food parcels, which you only receive around election time, you will only get them again after five years.
  • Stop loving t-shirts more than your own future, your children’s future and the country’s future. They have been giving you t-shirts from 1994 until now.

No doubt, the EFF has 101 years less of history than the ANC to work from. But Malema’s radical supporters care less about history; what moves them is what Julius Malema says.