Do Not Judge Americans If You Voted Zuma Twice – Dali Mpofu


More South Africans have continued to react to Trump’s victory. SA’s renowned South African columnist Khaya Dlanga, Dali Mpofu among others have also weighed in on Donald Trump’s shocking victory over preferred opponent Hillary Clinton.

To be candid, only few would truly admit they knew Trump was going to sweep Clinton off her feet despite all odds.

In fact, people around the world, especially people who have been following the election keenly had their hopes raised after controversial Nigerian pastor TB Joshua predicted Clinton’s victory.

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Sadly, these hopes were dashed on Tuesday when Trump was crowned the hero and biggest winner of the hard-fought race to the white house.

Be that as it may, the case wasn’t different in South Africa. Post-election responses from prominent South Africans indicated that Trump’s victory turned out to be a fascinating eye-opener.

The likes of Dlanga, DA’s Helen Zille, Dali Mpofu, unionist Vavi Zwelinzima among others, on Thursday bared their minds about the landmark victory, and also related the victory to the current political situation in South Arica.

Pouring out his mind, former secretary-general of the Congress of South African Trade Union (Cosatu), Vavi said he sees no reason why Americans wouldn’t vote for Trump when South Africans voted for Zuma twice.

“If South Africa voted President Zuma twice why should America not vote president Donald Trump?” Vavi said on Twitter.

Columnist Dlanga, who appeared a little sarcastic said Americans now have their own Zuma.

EFF national spokesperson Dali Mpofu slammed South Africans for expressing shock over Trump’s victory. He argued that they shouldn’t judge Americans’ choice president because they blindly voted for Zuma for a second term despite Guptas, Nkandla, and Marikana sagas.

Mpofu, in summary, asserted that anyone that voted for Zuma should not judge Americans for voting Trump.

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“Really beats me how ANYONE who voted for Zuma to be SA President AFTER Nkandla, Marikana, Guptas, etc can judge USA voters for voting Trump!” he posted on Twitter.

Donald Trump won the race to the White House in a tense showdown with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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