Guptas Involved In The Quest To Buy Daddy Zuma’s New Jet


Nkandla is a picnic compared to what the government is planning to spend on Daddy Zuma’s new jet.

Nkandla Air is the equivalent of sixteen Nkandlas! Wailed the Federal leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) as he insinuates that the Guptas are involved in the quest to buy the luxurious new jet.

Mmusi Maimane said the ANC government has begun the process to acquire the R4 billion presidential jet.

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He lamented that the country cannot afford the luxury jet and called on South Africans to stop the acquiring process before it takes off.

Maimane said buying Zuma’s new jet while SA economy shrinks and jobs crisis skyrockets to 8.9 million adults without work, Is “unadulterated greed.”

He said: “the ANC political elite have simply dreamed up another way to steal from South Africa’s poor. The arms deal, Nkandla, the nuclear deal, and a new jet for Zuma are all projects designed primarily to open new avenues for theft on a grand scale. We need to see these massive ventures for what they really are: corruption-enablers.”

The DA leader said it’s possible the Guptas are involved in the luxury jet quest.

As with the nuclear deal and Nenegate, he said. “I suspect that…there is a distinct possibility of Gupta involvement.

In August last year, a Gupta-owned jet was leased to transport the Deputy President to Japan for an official visit. So the Guptas are definitely aware of this opportunity for further enrichment that their close relationship with Zuma could facilitate,” Maimane stated.

“Regardless of who exactly stands to benefit and what their true motives are, the crux of the matter is that South Africa cannot afford this jet,” Maimane reiterated.

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“With R4 billion we could pay for over 160, 000 one-year internships for young South Africans; or for 600,000 three-month work opportunities for jobless South Africans.

We could support 80,000 new entrepreneurs with a R50,000 start-up grant each; or fund 53,000 full bursaries to cover fees, accommodation, transport and textbooks for young South Africans,” the DA leader highlighted.