DA Wonders Why SAPS Drags Its Feet On Gupta Charges


The leader of the Democratic Alliance questions the SA police force (SAPS) why it chose to drag its feet on the charges against the Gupta family.

The party leader, Mmusi Maimane, called the attention of SAPS that it’s almost a year since his party filed a case against Atul and Ajay Gupta and they are yet to get results on the matter.

Mmusi Maimane demanded that the country’s top cop say when the investigation will be completed, adding that the DA would not accept further decision by the police service to keep south Africans in the dark about the matter.

“The public remains in the dark on this matter – while the Guptas and President (Jacob) Zuma continue to raid government in order to benefit themselves personally.”

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According to report from the DA, Maimane had written to the acting national police commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane‚ “requesting that he clarify the following”:

  •  What progress has been made with regards to these charges?
  • Whether an investigation has been initiated by the SAPS?;
  • If not‚ why not?
  • If so‚ who is the investigating officer?; and
  • The expected date of completion of the investigation.”

Maimane further asked Phahlane to explain why the SAPS is “dragging its feet” as the criminal charges laid against the Guptas following revelations that members of the ANC-aligned family had offered cabinet positions to at least two ANC members “in exchange for executive decisions favorable and beneficial to the Guptas’ business interests”.

He also said:

“After years of allegations over state favours‚ murky business relationships and clear-cut nepotism between the Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma‚ we made the case that this constitutes prima facie evidence of such illicit activity‚ and called on SAPS to conduct a thorough criminal investigation into this matter.”

More to this, the DA noted that the Guptas’ earlier announced intention to sell off “their business interests in South Africa does not negate the fact that the family have had destructive influence on the country.”

The controversial family announced that it would sell all its assets in the country by the end of the year so they would leave the country and redeem their already tarnished image in SA.

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In a statement, the Guptas confirmed their intention to sell their assets, adding they were “already in discussions with several international prospective buyers.”

To this, Maimane said, the family’s decision certainly does not absolve them from a criminal investigation into suspected acts of corruption.

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