Final Results: DA Wins Tshwane But Needs Coalition To Govern


Congratulations are in order as the Democratic Alliance (DA) has been announced winner in the City of Tshwane. The DA wins  Tshwane, walking away with 93 out of 214 seats in the metro.

After final collation of election results, the DA led with 43.11%; the ANC followed with 41.22; while the EFF got 11.7%.

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As DA wins Tshwane, a record is broken since it marks the first metro in Gauteng to go to the the party in the democratic era of South Africa.

Nevertheless, DA will still need to form a coalition with another party to be able to take charge of the city.

The results released by the electoral commission, shows that the ruling party has suffered a historic defeat at the hands of the opposition – DA.

The historic defeat follows Friday’s loss in Port Elizabeth, a key battleground of the municipal election.

Losing Port Elizabeth officially known as “Nelson Mandela Bay” was a humiliating blow for the ANC.

Apparently, the popularity of the party that led the anti-apartheid struggle might go into extinctinction if precautions are not taken.

Tshwane, the metropolitan area that includes Pretoria, saw DA winning 43 percent of the votes while the ANC got 41 percent. This final result shows a significant drop in the performance of the ruling party.

However, ANC retains power at the national level. But, it has dawned on them that they are losing the support of the people following recent election results.

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Meanwhile, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema predicted that the ANC is yet to see their worst days. In his analysis, the ruling party will not be governing South Africa when the country takes to polls in the 2019 national government elections.

Malema also made it clear that his party will never go into a coalition government with the ANC.