DA Wants Lumka Yengeni Axed For Violating Her Domestic Worker’s Rights


Lumka Yengeni is the Chairperson of the Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Labour, and the Democratic Alliance (DA) party wants her stripped of her position for violating the rights of her domestic worker.

DA said it is “simply unacceptable” that Yengeni was found guilty at the CCMA of violating the country’s labour laws, and ” must be removed as the Chairperson of the Labour Committee.”

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Yengeni according to the DA, ” violated the rights of a domestic worker, whom she fired by failing to comply with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and other labour legislation.”

Among other things, Yengeni’s employee was not given leave, and never paid for any leave; was not paid double on public holidays despite being forced to work on public holidays and could not choose time off and worked in excess of the hours expected of her.

To DA, Yengeni’s behavior towards her domestic worker is unacceptable because she “has traveled the length and breadth of South Africa lambasting employers for breaking the country’s labour laws when in fact she herself was in breach of these same laws.”

Also, “as the Chairperson of the Labour Committee (she) is responsible for oversight of the CCMA and the Department of Labour, the very entities, which have essentially found her guilty of being in breach of the country’s labour laws, the very laws she is charged with overseeing,” DA argued.

With that, the party asserted thus:

“This hypocrisy is simply unacceptable and in the interests of the scores of workers and labours in SA, the DA simply cannot allow her to remain as Chairperson of this Committee or any committee for that matter.

As such, she must be removed if we are to meaningfully put the rights of workers at the apex of the Committee’s agenda and restore credibility to the committee itself.”

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DA said they will call on ANC Chief Whip, Jackson Mthembu, and the Chair of Chair’s in Parliament, Cedric Frolick, to ensure Yengeni is axed and replaced with someone who truly cares about workers’ right.