DA Proposes Opening Parliament A Month Earlier To Vote For Impeaching Zuma


With the #ZumaMustFall campaign gaining ground, the move to get Zuma out of office is taking a more legal turn. Apparently, it is not just the masses who are tired of the way he is running the country and how he does things at his pleasure and disposal without considering what is best for the people.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has proposed opening parliament in January which is a month before the scheduled date in other to cut short Jacob Zuma’s reign of power by passing a vote of no confidence on him.

The DA made this known after Zuma fired the Minister of Finance Nene, appointed David Van Rooyen in his place and the later appointed Pravin Gordhan instead of his first choice David Van Rooyen. The space of time of all these happening being 5 days made it obvious that the leader of the rainbow nation has no idea what he is doing since no right thinking President will fire the Finance minister when the nation’s currency is bouncing off and on depreciation. As the finance ministry keeps changing hands, the Rand has depreciated to as low as R16 against the US dollar.

Lets take a look at how it all happened again.

On Wednesday night, the President announced that Nhlanhla Nene has been removed as the minister of finance, to be replaced by David Van Rooyen. A man who is virtually unknown to many people and who is seen as incapable of filling the big shoes which Nene left behind.

Then on Sunday evening – When the public made their opinion known concerning what they called ‘the President’s outrageous acts’ and their utter lack of trust in David Van Rooyen, the presidency replaced him with former finance minister Pravin Gordhan who was then minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs.

The call as written by the leader of the DA Mmusi Maimane reads;

I have today written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete MP, demanding on behalf of South Africa that the National Assembly debate a Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma at the first sitting opportunity in 2016,

I have petitioned the Speaker, in terms of Rule 102A of the National Assembly that a Motion of No Confidence in President Zuma must be urgently scheduled because the nation has entirely lost confidence in Jacob Zuma as our president.

He also pointed out that even though Parliament was scheduled to open on 12 February 2016, the DA has written a petition to the speaker, Baleka Mbete, to move up the opening to the second week of January 2016 to enable the house reach faster conclusions.

“South African cannot wait for answers while Parliament remains closed for extended holidays,” Maimane said.

The DA said that the ANC has itself expressed a lack of confidence in Jacob Zuma, and internal ANC and Tripartite Alliance pressure last night pushed Zuma to backtrack on his original decision. However, the ANC did release a statement today saying that they still have every confidence in Zuma and the things he is capable of still doing. They also said that the President was not to blame for the way the value of the rand has depreciated, that he was only doing what he felt was in the best interest of the nation. Despite all of their renewed support, Mmusi went on to say

“The people of South Africa have lost confidence in Jacob Zuma and hundreds of thousands have expressed their intention for Zuma to fall. Now Zuma can fall, in January 2016, when parliament can take up the cause of enraged South Africans and can vote President Zuma out of office,”

The DA said it will also move for the Motion of No Confidence to be voted on only by members of parliament who are not directly affected by the Motion, excluding the votes of Cabinet Ministers themselves who the motion has direct effect over, which we are seeking legal advice on.

Section 96(2)(b) of the Constitution spells out that conflicts of interest shall not be allowed in votes of such great importance, and each Cabinet Minister must be excluded from the vote for this reason.