774 People Become Jobless Every Single Day Zuma Is President – DA


It has been said that The Democratic Alliance is probably the most frustrated political party in South Africa. Irrespective of what we might refer to as the vast qualifications of members of the party in terms of leading a country, and many other factors that indicate the party is well equipped to improve the nation, the DA is finding it hard to earn the trust of the black and major population of South Africa.

The DA is simply a white Party to the black population, and are not to be trusted. It doesn’t matter if a black man is leading the white party, to the black population, he’s just a puppet. Above all, the persisting instances where the blacks are regarded as inferior to the whites like the recent Penny Sparrow’s black and monkey post are steadily destroying the chances of the DA emerging as the ruling party of South Africa.

The party nevertheless, wouldn’t quit trying to get the black populace on their side. In a recent publication, the DA outlined its plan to get more South Africans employed if they help oust Zuma and ANC from office via voting for the DA. The publication stated that “it is time to fight again for the South Africa Madiba dreamt of: a united country with a clean government, better services and enough job opportunities for all.”

The DA related that since Jacob Zuma became the number one citizen of the country, “over 1.8 million South Africans have joined the ranks of the unemployed.” Which implies that “every day President Zuma remains in office, 774 more people join the ranks of the jobless… 8.4 million of our countrymen and women are without a job. And without hope, dignity and freedom.”

Stressing that the year 2016 is another chance for South Africans to take a stand and bring about the much desired change, that cuts corruption, puts South Africa first and creates jobs, the party revealed that it will unveil a “billboard in the centre of Johannesburg that will serve as a reminder to us of how many of our fellow citizens lose hope every day by joining the ranks of the unemployed.”

The billboard will contain a live ticker that will start on 1,842,852 and count up by 1 new jobless person every 112 seconds, to show the total of 774 people who become jobless in every 24 hour cycle under the leadership of Zuma’s ANC government.

Adding that “millions of South Africans have no relief from spiraling unemployment and crushing poverty.” Whereas “a crippling drought threatens to send food prices rocketing.” The article pointed out that “more than a third of South Africans of working age are either unemployed or have simply given up looking for work.”

And already in 2016, the article went on, “president Zuma has shown that he is not really interested in fixing unemployment. If he was, he would never have allowed us to miss the deadline for the conclusion of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) negotiations, that will see all South Africa’s agricultural goods excluded from preferential access to the world’s biggest market. It is not like the deadline was new or a surprise. We knew about it months ago, and agreed to meet it.”

Launching the DA’s job campaign that intends to give a voice to the millions who find themselves without hope, and to make sure that their plight is heard and acknowledged,” the DA vows to get more South Africans employed via the strategies shown below.

DA job plan

The plan as stated, will help South Africa “present investors with clarity and certainty in its economic policy.” The nation will “once again become a target of foreign direct investment, resulting in economic expansion and job creation.”

This year, millions of South Africans will have an opportunity to bring this kind of government to their municipalities by voting for the DA. By voting for change that can help us start moving forward again – good services and enough jobs and opportunities for all.

“Now more than ever, we need change that creates jobs. And that change is the DA,” the publication emphasized.

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