DA Wants Professor Malikane Axed For ‘Take Up Arms’ Call


The Democratic Alliance (DA) party says it’s time to dismiss Professor Malikane, the economic advisor to South Africa’s Finance Minister, Malusi Gigaba.

DA’s call follows the claim that Professor Chris Malikane called on South Africans to take up arms in order to achieve the goals of radical economic transformation.

Acknowledging that the Finance Minister once said Professor Malikane has been “reined in” and told to “keep quiet”, DA pointed out that Mr Malikane specified that the Minister cannot tell him to “keep his mouth shut”.

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“Professor Chris Malikane has made a fool of the minister by ignoring his instruction to keep quite…

“Things have now come to a head: Professor Chris Malikane crossed a red line in our constitutional democracy when he pivoted from warning about civil war to calling for civil war…,” DA stated.

Upholding that it’s “complete madness” for Professor Malikane to be allowed to suggest that South Africans take up arms to achieve radical economic transformation, DA further stated thus:

“These are exactly the kind of reckless statements that undermine investor confidence and discourage private sector investment, which are desperately needed to boost economic growth and create jobs in South Africa.”

On that Premise, the Party agitated that the Minister of Finance must act decisively against Professor Malikane. Apart from making a public statement wherein, he will distance himself from the economic advisor’s ideas, DA wants the Minister to fire the Professor as his economic advisor at National Treasury.

Having said that, DA asserted that Malusi Gigaba “can run but he cannot hide from Malikanegate”. The party’s Shadow Minister of Finance, David Maynier MP promised that he’ll “be holding the Minister’s feet to the fire for his reckless decision to appoint Professor Chris Malikane…”

However, the Black First Land First Movement (BLF) is also agitating that “racist DA” must apologise for lying about Professor Malikane. According to the movement, the Prof didn’t ask South Africans to pick up arms for radical economic transformation.

“It’s a blatant lie to say that Prof Malikane, at any stage of his engagement with more than 300 participants, ever called for any armed uprising. This notion is a creation of the racist white media in service of white monopoly capital through lies,” stated BLF.

The movement also asked the DA to go “deal with its racist leader Helen Zille” for promoting colonialism saying:

“When will the DA fire Helen Zille for supporting colonialism? We remind the nation that BLF has lodged a case of corruption against Zille with the Public Protector for abusing state resources in her quest to promote colonialism.

To this end the BLF has also opened a case of crimen injuria involving racism against Zille with the Equality Court, the South African Police Services and the Human Rights Commission.

The DA  has taken no action against Zille for her racism but is brave enough to call on the Miniser of Finance to fire Prof Malikane based on lies. The DA must apologise to Prof Malikane for the lies and slander.”

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More-so, BLF disclosed that it will be writing to the press ombudsman to lodge an official complaint regarding the “media’s blatant lies” about what the economic advisor said.

Afterwards, BLF proclaimed that “no amount of lies and slander will stop the radical economic transformation agenda. No one can silence an idea whose time has come. Hands off Prof Malikane!” the movement charged.