Video: I Believe Nelson Mandela Would Vote For The DA If He Was Still Alive – DA


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has remained adamant on the decision to air its Madiba election advert featuring Nelson Mandela’s voice.

The opposition believes that the vision which the party stood for is similar to that of the late former president.

 Though the Mandela family strongly kicked against it, the Madiba election advert ran on TV for the first time last night.

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In the recordings, Mandela makes a clarion call for peace, justice, work and food for all. The DA is particularly interested in creating jobs for the youth to create a better society.

However, the members of Mandela’s family refused to see any similarity between the late leader and the DA. They believe that associating the late former president with the DA is an insult to his history, his party choice (ANC) and the everything he stood for.

On the other hand, DA’s Refilwe Ntsheke disagreed and strongly believes that they are the only party that can make Mandela’s dreams come true.

“And if you look at the vision that the Nelson Mandela had set, he stood for the vision that we believe as the DA we’re the only party that can truly bring that vision and dream to reality today.”

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Ntsekhe added proudly: “We’ve seen quite a lot of senior ANC members saying they support what we are doing because we do it with cleanliness and we are anti-corruption.”

The DA insists ‘I believe Nelson Mandela would vote for the DA if he was still alive’. For the DA, there is nothing wrong with using Madiba’s voice in its advert. Believing that if the South African hero was alive today, he would definitely vote for the DA.

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