Like The Apartheid National Party, DA Is Using Courts To Oppress Mzansi


South Africa’s number one citizen wants people of the country to remember those who died for their freedom on 3rd of August with their votes.

The President was addressing the ANC campaign audience in North West. He told the gathering to protect the nation’s democracy with their  votes.

President Zuma insinuated that a vote for DA is a vote for the apartheid National Party.

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According to him, the DA is today’s apartheid National Party. And like the National Party, they are using the court to undermine democratic debate and oppress the nation.

Zuma said: “The party that claims Madiba is a child of the oppressor. This party called DA is a child of the National Party, the coming together of the National Party and the Democratic Party…

The national party exercised apartheid, oppressed and killed our people. (They) used to talk about the ANC every day, they used to take us to court. We were sent to prisons.

The tendency of the Democratic Party is exactly the same. Each time they open their mouths, ANC. Each time they cannot argue a political point and win it, they go to court. Exactly what the National Party used to do.

The National Party used the courts as an instrument to oppress us and DA uses the court as an instrument to undermine democratic debate.

They can’t debate with us, particularly because they have nothing to offer.”

EFF’s Dressing Shows They’re Clueless

The President also ridiculed the Economic Freedom Fighters warning that the party is clueless. He said the senselessness of the party is evident in their dressing.

“…We did not wear overalls (during apartheid) because they were nice. It was not out of love but it was a sign of slavery.”

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Zuma thereafter, declared that ANC will not only perform well in the elections, but will rule South Africa “until the young fellow who promised to come back for us, come back.”