DA Digitalizes Campaign With ‘Activist App’ Ahead Of Election


South Africa’s major opposition party, the Democratic Alliance(DA) has unveiled a ground breaking application called ‘Activist App’ ahead of the 2016 local government election. The party unveiled the smart app on Monday during a media briefing in Johannesburg.

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According to the party’s federal leader, Mmusi Maimane, Activist App is an online tool which seeks to “empower” Democratic Alliance members and activists on the ground to get actively involved in the electoral affairs of the party. He added that the ‘activist app’ was necessary because it transforms door-to-door campaigning, house meetings and other aspects of canvassing.

Maimane was flanked by DA National Spokesperson, Refiloe Nt’sekhe MPL and DA Gauteng Leader, John Moodey MPL during the launching of the ground breaking activist app.

How The ‘Activist App’ Works

Enlightening the audience on how the activist app works, Maimane said,

“The app acts as a one-stop shop en route to becoming a vote-winning champion for the DA. From the dashboard, you can complete a number of actions, and as you go, the app will monitor your progress to help you move through the ranks of activism – taking you from humble beginner to activist superstar.”

The opposition leader also added that the app will go a long way in helping members canvass for votes, as it will even help them during registrations.

“In your community, you can use this app to knock on people’s doors to ask for their support, host house meetings and volunteer to help on registration weekends and election day,” Maimane added.

Some of the ways one can currently use the dashboard to win votes include:

  • Learn about the party and become an expert about the DA.
  • Become a DA Champion on social media.
  • Check the voter registration status of family and friends.
  • Follow the latest news about the party.
  • Raise money for the DA.
  • Sign up to receive DA newsletters.
  • Recruit new activists.

On Sunday, Maimane reminded the people during a campaign that true democracy would be achieved the day politicians started to fear the voters.

He reiterated his stance by adding that “The voters are the bosses, the politicians are not. The day politicians fear voters, is the day democracy is working,” he said in Mamelodi while on a voter registration drive.

“Therefore we must remind people that when you say you’re not going to vote, you’re abdicating your responsibility as a boss because you’re saying let other people hire people who will work for me.”

The opposition leader spanked President Zuma as usual by telling the people that he is no longer working for them, rather they are the ones working for him.

“Remember that when you vote, you hire government so that it can work for you. We have had enough of these ANC people,” he thundered.

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