It’s A Day To Grill Zuma, And DA Is All In For It


The Democratic Alliance Party said they’re set to grill Zuma in the National Council of Provinces. President Zuma is expected to present himself and answer some oral questions.

The DA said it will use the opportunity to interrogate Mr. President over the politically-motivated persecution of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and about the disastrous consequences thereof on economic stability.

Specifically, the DA said it will inquire about President Zuma’s position on South Africa’s economic stability in line with the ongoing investigation into the Minister of Finance.

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Also, the opposition party intends to question honorable Zuma about the reappointment of Dudu Myeni as SAA chairperson despite her ruinous tenure as the head of the state carrier.

To DA, the oral questions session comes at a crucial time for the country. This is so because “South Africans are faced with mounting evidence of state capture and the unrestrained looting of state resources.

“It is our earnest hope that the president uses this opportunity to provide South Africans with answers to these pertinent questions and not the familiar obfuscation we’ve grown accustomed to,” DA stated.

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The party further asserted that President Zuma has tried at every turn to evade accountability on issues like State Capture and is now resorting to the persecution of those in his own Cabinet to protect himself.

“…President Zuma has a Constitutional obligation to account to Parliament. South Africa deserves answers, and we intend to get them.

“What is required at this time is leadership, not ‘a government at war with itself’ as the deputy president describes it. If the president cannot provide answers and show that he is concerned about the country’s future, he should take the advice of his chief whip and step down,” added the party.

Above all, the DA promised to continue demanding for accountability and good governance.