No Room For ‘Jobs for Pals’ In All DA-led Municipalities


Joyous Democratic Alliance (DA) has maintained that they would give no room for jobs for friends (Jobs for Pals) in any of their newly won municipalities.

Still celebrating its winnings in most controversial municipalities, the party announced on Monday that it will open up its recruitment process to all and for those who expect special treatment should have a re-thinks because there will be no ‘jobs for friends’ in senior positions.

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The DA Gauteng leader, John Moodey said in a statement that senior positions, particularly municipal managers and heads of departments in all the DA-led administrations of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Mogale City, will not be given to party members.

According to him, the positions will be made open to a transparent recruitment processes that will ensure only the most competent and qualified individuals are chosen.

This is in line with the party’s desire to move these cities forward, better than what it had been under the ANC administration.

“The DA will appoint suitably qualified and competent people into positions who are fit for purpose and can fulfill the responsibilities of the office that they carry.

“It is vital that residents receive quality service, on time and in a dignified manner. This can only be done when competent staff is employed to serve the people of the metros we govern,” Moodey said.

Jobs for pals and ‘jobs for sale’ have been largely labeled as ANC’s policy that has adversely affected public services.

The ANC and President Jacob Zuma have been criticized for endorsing the party’s policies in the past. Last year, the DA reported that more than 2 400 staff appointed despite not being qualified for their posts at the Eastern Cape education department.

These inappropriate appointments were preventing posts from being filled by qualified candidates and had sparked a flurry of appeals from skilled teachers who were bypassed in favor of preselected applicants.

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President Jacob Zuma then said people needed to understand that in a democratic state, once a party lost elections, “the people who are coming in… with their comrades, people that they trust, will implement their policies. That’s democracy.”

Zuma said some people interpreted democracy as nepotism, but that this tendency was “childish politics”.

Nevertheless, the DA said no Jobs for Pals  as all recruitment process will be open, inclusive and transparent and subject to public scrutiny, the DA said.