DA Says The Only Way To End City Power Outages Is To Cut ANC Power


DA’s mayoral candidate for Johannesburg Herman Mashaba has condemned the recent power outages across South Africa and calls for the residents to help end the era of power outages by cutting off the powers of the ANC.

Mashaba who was on a trip to areas affected by the massive power outages like Ennerdale, Lawley, and Klipspruit West, condemned the long-term power outage faced by residents in these areas, saying this shouldn’t happen at the time when residents are in dire need of the electricity power to help wade off the tight grips of the coldest weather.

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“It is abundantly clear that City Power is failing in its responsibility to provide the people of Joburg with access to electricity.

“City Power lacks skilled technical staff and chooses rather to employ subcontractors. The use of contractors with only limited supervision leaves the system open to abuse and corruption,” Mashaba said.

Joburg suffers from at least 300 power outages a month. This equates to at least 10 power outages a day but Mashba said if elected major in August, his administration will immediately budget for the employment of additional technicians and an artisan programme within City Power to train electricians and essential technical staff.

He however condemned Mayor Tau’s silence on the issue demanding that the mayor give an explanation on why his government  has failed to provide City Power with the necessary resources and manpower to ensure effective and efficient maintenance of electricity infrastructure.

“The current allocation of two technicians per region, per shift, is simply unsustainable.”Mashaba said,

“Although City Power has a maintenance plan, they always react to maintenance problems rather than investing time and resources to proactively ensure that infrastructure is properly maintained.”

According to Mashaba, 19% of Joburg’s electricity was lost, resulting in R2.3 billion in lost revenue. R841 million of this was lost as a result of technical losses, which is power lost during transmission. This means nearly R1 billion worth of electricity was lost as a result of an inability to maintain electricity infrastructure.

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“We would be remiss to underestimate the contribution of cable theft to this ongoing problem, and the City must face this challenge head-on and allocate necessary resources and manpower to curb this problem,”

Time and time again, Tau’s administration has proven ineffective in bringing an end to this crisis; The only way to end City Power cuts is to cut ANC power in Johannesburg on 3 August”he added.

He therefore called for the people vote for the DA as they are ready to bring change to Johannesburg; the change we need to move forward again.

Meanwhile, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown said the massive power outage recently experienced across South Africa especially by residents of Soweto and other areas around Gauteng are not load shedding but the consequences of stealing electricity.

The Minister expressed dissatisfaction regarding the continued use of illegal connections, wailing that they are dangerous and are causing the nation avoidable black-outs.