We Aren’t Out To Purge ANC Civil Servants – Maimane


DA leader Mmusi Maimane said his party performed beyond expectations at polls. And promised that the DA wouldn’t purge ANC civil servants in the metros they will take over from the ANC.

Maimane stressed that the DA wouldn’t consider the political affiliations of civil servants. But then, hinted that the party wouldn’t tolerate incompetency, waste and maladministration.

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“…In any bureaucracy you will find people from different political strands. The issue is not your political affiliation, the issue is about making sure that you have the best person to do the job.

…that’s the fight we are going to fight in the next number of months and maybe, years.

(we’ll find the best people to do the work, regardless of what race, regardless of what political affiliation. As long as you are competent enough to do the work

I’m not out there to purge. There’s this misinformed rumor that the DA is out to purge the municipality. That’s not true,” he promised.

According to DA leader, “a lot of patronage” happened under the ANC government in Nelson Mandela Bay. However, he expressed that the civil servants can turn around for good and work for the people.

“We’ve seen it in Cape Town. If you give them (civil servants) the right leadership and put the agenda on the table and say ‘this is what we want to do’. People come on board as long as you apply the rules fairly, assess people properly…(and) run a clean government.”

DA’s Major Victories At Polls

Thereafter, Maimane asserted that the 2016 local government elections marked a historic shift in the nation’s politics. Recounting the party’s victories, he said:

“In Cape Town, the DA increased its share of the vote from 41.85% in 2006 to 67% in 2016.

This is a resounding endorsement of DA governance under Mayor Patricia de Lille, who has been elected to serve the people of Cape Town for another five years.

In Nelson Mandela Bay, the DA emerged as the largest party with 46.71% of the vote, up from 40.13% in 2011. Our mayoral candidate, Athol Trollip, will form a coalition government to deliver to all the people of Nelson Mandela Bay.

…In Tshwane, the DA has grown from 30.69% in 2006 to approximately 43% in 2016. By contrast, the ANC’s support collapsed from 56% to approximately 41.5% in the same period. Our mayoral candidate, Solly Msimanga, will be seeking to lead a coalition government in Tshwane.

In Ekurhuleni, the DA has grown from in 25% 2006, to 34.2% in 2016. The ANC’s support has collapsed from 61% in 2006 and 2011 to 48.6% in 2016. Our mayoral candidate, Ghaleb Cachalia, will seek to lead a coalition government in Ekurhuleni.

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“In Midvaal, we have won outright and with an increased majority, and in Mogale there is also the potential for a DA-led coalition government,” Maimane related.

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