SA Will Collapse Like Zim Under An EFF Government, Maimane Warns


DA Parliamentary Leader, Mmusi Maimane says the only change EFF can bring to South Africa is such that will collapse Mzansi and make of it another Zimbabwe.

Speaking at Daily Maverick’s ‘The Gathering’ – a Public political debate -, Maimane likened Malema to Mugabe asserting that he will bring upon South Africa the destruction Mugabe ushered Zimbabweans into.

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 Maimane said; “if you want a quick referendum closer to home on the EFF’s brand of state-led economy, just ask any of the two to three million Zimbabweans in South Africa who fled the misery of Mugabe’s regime what they think.

Mugabe’s policies devastated his country and forced millions across the border to escape hunger and poverty.

The Zimbabwean economy today is half the size it was 15 years ago when Mugabe started his land grabs.

The collapse of Zimbabwe is a very accurate blueprint for life under an EFF government.

South Africans know this. They saw what Mugabe did to Zimbabwe, and they recognize the same thing in Julius Malema and the EFF.”

Maimane condemned Juju for saying he would take power in South African through the barrel of a gun.

To him he said; “tell us why do you like violence so much? Do you not remember the violence of the 80s and 90s? Do you not remember Boipatong? Sebokeng? Have you forgotten what happened throughout KwaZulu-Natal in the build-up to 1994?

Julius, why are you promising civil war when South Africans want peace? Why are you promising the bullet, when we have the ballot?

It is because, deep down, you know that most South Africans will reject your policies at the polls,” added the DA Parliamentary Leader

He thereafter, argued that EFF’s promises are unrealistic and that it’s impossible for the party to deliver them.

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According to him, the failures of the ANC government “is a picnic compared to what would happen under an EFF government. Make no mistake, whatever ruin awaits our economy under the ANC will accelerate tenfold under the EFF,” Maimane warned.

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