DA To Oppose SABC’s TV License Fee For Phones, Tablets & Computers


It was yesterday that Jame Aguma disclosed the future of SABC’s tv license fee. The South African Broadcasting Corporation GCEO revealed that South Africans will soon start paying tv license fee when they buy phones, tablets or computers.

From our gathering, what Mr Aguma revealed will be achieved via the adjustment of the definition of ‘receiving data’ during an amendment of the Broadcasting Act.

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Reacting to Aguma’s revelation, the Democratic Alliance (DA) party charged that it will oppose the latest plan about SABC’s tv license fee. The DA strongly advised SABC against tabling the amendment in Parliament.

The party asked SABC to devote time towards coming up with innovative ways to fund the broadcasting corporation saying:

“It is indeed possible for the SABC to stay afloat without seeking to further tax the already over-burdened South African taxpayer.

The reason the SABC is currently in serious financial crisis is not because it does not have enough money; but because of corruption, financial mismanagement and a decline in advertising revenue.

The public should not have to pay for the SABC’s sins through additional TV license fees.”

Maimane’s party argued that there are only few South Africans who access SABC on their phones, tablets and computers. “Why should they have to pay money to the SABC when they don’t consume SABC products on those devices?” DA asked and highlighted that SABC should focus on the following to improve its financial standing:

  1. Recovering money lost through corruption;
  2. Cost-cutting;
  3. Improving the reputational damage caused by years of financial mismanagement;
  4. Improving its content to reverse declining viewer – and listenership; and
  5. Engagement with advertisers to bring them back to the SABC.

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With the above, the official opposition party of South Africa asserted that SABC can be profitable. “It has been in the past, it just needs the right management in order to do so,” said the party.

Having said that, DA vowed that it will “continue to vigorously hold the SABC accountable.” The party will do that in order to ensure the broadcasting corporation is able to deliver on its mandate.