De Lille Boasts Of DA’s Performance In CT While Picturing The Future If Re-Elected


Mayor Patricia de Lille asserted on Tuesday that even though there is still much left to be done, the DA-led council in Cape Town has made great progress over the past five years.

Mayor De Lille was speaking at the launch of the Democratic Alliance’s Cape Town manifesto written in a shiny book bearing the blue colour the party is known for and made up of 29 pages.

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In her speech, she added that the reason why she was standing for re-election as mayor is because “there is still a lot more work to do”

Embedded in the party manifesto is the same five “pillars” which was first launched by the DA in 2011.

She  described the manifesto as  one that is realistic, achievable, and forward-looking.

Mayor De Lille explained that her re-election and the use of the same five pillars were a demonstration of the continuous journey which the DA is had embarked on when the party was first formed.

These pillars she said were “building an opportunity city, a safe city, a caring city, and inclusive city and a well-run city.”

She expressed confidence in the work her office has done so far and the fact that their efforts will speak for them during the elections.

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“We have put in place mechanisms to drive change and we have to continue the hard work of seeing change occur,” she told journalists and party delegates.

“That is a task that will take years. We believe we have lived up to the promises we made and have demonstrated good faith to the electorate and so we are running on our record.”

Mayor De Lille also added that elections were about choices. These choices have the power to make or mar a the future.