With All These Positive Changes, DA May Shock You All Come 2019, Says Max Du Preez


A popular columnist, Max Du Preez has expressed shock in the fast and tremendous manner in which SA’s second largest party, the Democratic Alliance is making positive changes in all its democratically elected municipalities.

In his recently released piece, Du Preeze noted how the people in Port Elizabeth say they can already notice the difference the new mayor and administration of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole are making, barely four months after the 2016 municipal elections.

He said if it is true that the DA’s administration has made a significant difference in such a short time, and if these positive changes also took place in Tshwane and Johannesburg, then,its a signal that the country is experiencing a political shift ahead of the 2019 general election.

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“It would finally drive the point home to the electorate that efficient, clean governance, rather than quasi-revolutionary rhetoric and promises, is the secret to improving the quality of life and future prospects of all citizens” Max Du Preez added.

“I spent time in Port Elizabeth during the holidays and asked around. It wasn’t a scientific process or a carefully balanced body of opinion, but still, everybody I spoke to said they could see a marked difference in the day-to-day running of the city and the attitude of municipal employees.

 He said he was told by the people of Port Elizabeth that mayor Athol Trollip and his team have stopped wasteful and unnecessary projects, are now monitoring the monies spent by city employees and have instituted procedures that result in a more disciplined and conscientious bureaucracy.

 This, according to him, would increase the inflow of foreign investors who look out for the economic health, infrastructure, administration and growth potential of cities rather than countries (with the precondition that the countries are stable, of course).

Max Du Preez, however, lashed out at the ruling ANC for its “hysterical reaction to Msimanga’s recent trip to Taiwan. ” He said it either demonstrates an ignorance of this potential benefit or it is reckless politicking.

 The ANC charged mayor Msimanga with treason and fraud on the claim that his trip undermined South Africa’s foreign policy. “But,  the truth is that have a well-staffed Liaison Office in Taipei led by Musawenkosi Aphane.

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 He commended the positive changes in the DA-governed municipals while adding that there is a heavy burden on the mayors and administrations of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay to run their cities well, cut red tape and corruption and so serve as an example for the provincial and national governments.

What South Africa needs now is efficient, clean and transparent government focused on growth, development and the needs of the people rather than of the political elites, the columnist stated, adding that if the DA mayors do this and all their citizens’ benefit, the DA could harvest many more votes in 2019 and break through the 30 percent support ceiling.

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