DA March To ConCourt To Ensure Survival Of SA’s Constitutional Democracy


The biggest challenging opposition party in South Africa, the Democratic Alliance (DA), is expecting to march to the Constitutional Court this morning in the company of thousands of people who share their opinion that Zuma must step down. The DA march is aimed at mounting more pressure on President Jacob Zuma to resign.

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The DA based their protest on the claims that President Zuma does not care about the Constitution and the good citizens of the country.

This claim by the DA is bordered on last month’s judgement issued by the highest court in the land on the Nkandla debacle which found that Zuma violated the Constitution by ignoring the directions of the Public Protector.

The DA is expecting a huge turn out of supporters as the party’s Mabine Seabe says the party expects at least 10,000 supporters to join its leader, Mmusi Maimane, in a march to the Constitutional Court.

Still speaking on the DA march, Seabe emphasized that in order to ensure the survival of the country’s Constitutional democracy, Zuma must step down.

“We need for President Jacob Zuma to step down because he’s not fit to stay in that office, especially after he violated his oath of office, as well as the Constitution.”

Despite the growing calls coming from prominent groups and individuals for Zuma to step down from his position, the African National Congress (ANC) is standing by its president as it heads toward the 2016 local government elections.

Earlier this month, Comrade Ahmed M. Kathrada, who is a former political prisoner and anti-apartheid activist in South Africa put pen to paper and composed a rather educating letter that traced the history of ANC from apartheid to present day. In his letter, he urged Zuma to consider the progress of the country and resign.

Also, there was a gathering of some illustrious members of the civil society and the ANC on the steps of the Constitutional Court last week demanding that President Jacob Zuma must go as he has been bedeviled by numerous scandals recently. They termed the gathering “a civil society call to action.”

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