DA Leaked Documents: De Lille Could Be Expelled For Violating Party Policy


A leaked confidential document implicating Cape Town’s executive mayor Patricia De Lille, could place her at the risk of being expelled if found guilty.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has set out to investigate the role the Cape mayor Patricia De Lille played in the leaking of confidential party information to the press which is considered a violation of the party’s policy.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that De Lille, has been handed a letter notifying her to defend herself against being expelled from the party after the discovery of a leaked and falsified document given to a Sunday newspaper involving her aide, Josh Jordaan, and the City’s chief whip, Shaun August.

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The falsified document has in it a case against DA chief whip in Cape Town Shaun August and a colleague, Matthew Kempthorne, who were both accused of taking R190 000 without approval to buy T-shirts ahead of the party’s 2016 municipal election campaign.

According to the newspaper report, August claimed there was a faction within the party that was out to get him and had documents to prove his claim.

The documents were then handed to Rapport journalists by former policy and strategy researcher in the Cape Town mayor’s office Josh Jordaan, who reportedly resigned on Monday following newspaper reports of his alleged involvement in the matter.

It is also alleged that De Lille was aware that the documents would be handed over through the federal executive report to an Afrikaans publication, which tried to clear August of the procurement scandal.

This, according to a reliable source within the DA, violates the party’s policy which says the distribution of confidential party documents is an offense.

Chairperson of the party’s Federal Executive James Selfe denied claims that letters of intention to suspend De Lille or August had been issued but confirmed that leaking of confidential documents is a violation of the party’s policy on the confidentiality of closed meetings.

There has been no suspension of any person, as the investigation is still unfolding,” Selfe said, adding that the party would not be able to take any disciplinary action against Jordaan, who gave little reason for his sudden resignation.

“I don’t think the DA will [be able to able to take disciplinary action] and that is possibly part of why he resigned. He simply said he is resigning, he didn’t give much explanation”.

Meanwhile, Anneke Scheepers, spokesperson for the DA said that if the allegations against De Lille and August were true, both could face expulsion.

“This is not a lightweight situation … there could be a serious outcome. If there is due cause, people will be sanctioned,” Scheepers said.

“The investigation is basically to see what transpired and then what role the individuals had in this incident.”

De Lille resigned as provincial leader in January, under controversial circumstances though she claimed she wanted to focus was on local government and prioritizing the City of Cape Town.

Taking the City of Cape Town to the next level of government is an exciting prospect, but one that will take all of my time,” she was quoted as saying.

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August on the other hand, is currently the candidate De Lille is backing to take over her former position as provincial DA leader. But, some within the DA are calling for him to be disqualified from holding any leadership position after he was found to have violated the party’s procurement guidelines.

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