Create Jobs Or Watch The Country Fall Apart Maimane Warns


Da leader Maimane warned that the democracy South Africa is enjoying today will “come apart” if the government fails to nurture it by creating jobs to raise the failing economy.

While speaking at an event held on Thursday at Orlando Stadium to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1976 student uprisings‚ the opposition leader Mmusi Maimane blamed the ailing economy of the country on youth unemployment.

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“If we don’t kick-start our failing economy right now so that we can start creating work opportunities for these millions of young South Africans‚ our democracy will come apart,” he said adding that “It will not be able to withstand the anger‚ the frustration and the resentment of millions of citizens abandoned by their government.”

DA leader Maimane regretted that the government has failed the children of the country by not living up to the dreams of 1994.

He critically analysed the sate of unemployment in the country where one in three persons could not find work.

“When you only look at young South Africans – those under the age of 35 – this goes up to one in two South Africans. Fifty%.

“There are now 8.9 million unemployed South Africans‚ and this number grows every month. That’s more than all the people of Johannesburg and all the people of Cape Town combined.

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“Two-thirds of them fall into this ‘youth’ category. Which means that almost 6 million young people cannot enter the job market‚ cannot participate in our economy and cannot start to build a life for themselves‚” Maimane lamented, adding that the growing rate of youth unemployment in the country was more than four times higher than what is obtainable in other countries around the world.