Watch: Maimane Explains Why He Wore A Bulletproof Vest To Joburg Protest


Joburg March: Dressed in a DA shirt, the leader of the Democratic Alliance was spotted at the People’s march going on at the Unions Building wearing a bulletproof vest.

Although his presence added liveliness to the densely populated gathering, however, the sight of the bulletproof vest thrusting mildly from the shirt kept most people wanting an answer.

South African heavyweights in attendance took turns to address the crowd, calling on President Jacob Zuma to resign for failing to put the country first before his personal interest.

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Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota spoke about the importance of change and said it is important to have a government of men and women who do not bring the country down. “Stand up and save SA,” said Lekota.

“The people united can never be defeated,” chanted the crowd.

Chris Vick, a member of #Save South Africa, said the Chief Magistrate of Pretoria last night gave them the go-ahead to embark on a march following an urgent application after the Tshwane Metro Police Department had to refuse them a permission to march.

“The march is on! This is a safe, legal protest, with the approval of the authorities,” he said.

And when Maimane finally took to the podium, he reiterated that South African cannot be ruled by leaders who put themselves first before the country. The defiant leader maintained that the problem of the country is not the people but president Zuma.

“Our country is in crisis. The time to act is now. South Africa is not a junk country, Jacob Zuma is a junk president,” he said.

Mmusi also gave reasons why he wore a bulletproof vest to the peaceful protest. According to the opposition party leader, he decided to wear the vest because he personal received death threats from the African National Congress (ANC) during the week of the march.

The father of three said he took the security measure rather than sitting back at home.

Watch: Mmusi Maimane explains why he wore a bulletproof vest to the peaceful protest at Union Buildings.

About 10,000 gathered in a field outside the Union Buildings, the site of Zuma’s offices in Pretoria, South Africa’s capital.

A retiree, Syriana Maesela, 65, said she’s unhappy about Zuma’s leadership because he does not seem to care about the people. Most marchers held placards reading “Fire Zuma”.

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Two police nyalas were driving around the vicinity and a helicopter hovering in the air with police keeping an eye on the situation.

However, some Twitter users couldn’t have enough of Maimane parading with a bulletproof in his cloth. Hence, they decided to drop some side-splitting tweets.