DA Kicks Off #FairSA Campaign To Prove A Point


South Africa’s political tussle weight grows heavier with each passing day. And with numerous top political parties scrambling for praise, citizens have continually entertained amazing political promises, parliamentary fights and politically oriented arguments from various political parties.

The ruling party’s major opposition party – the Democratic Alliance has added force to their political fight by launching a campaign tagged – #FairSA.

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This development might have been initiated after a public outcry and wide criticism alleged that the Democratic Alliance (DA) is a white party and that it grooms racists who do not mean the country well.

But, taking a look at DA leader’s words while launching the campaign in Hammanskraal., one might probably end up being confused, not knowing if the party [DA] is really fighting racism in the country or if it truly houses racists.

Against the allegation that DA houses racists, the party leader Maimane Mmusi asserts that the party is the only party that craves for a South Africa where everyone would be equal. And also gain access to the rights and opportunities enshrined in the Constitution.

Mmusi expatiates that it is not fair that some South Africans received a bad education and live their lives without any hope of getting a job.

“It is not fair that some excellent students who should be going to university to be scientists and professionals, cannot attend university because they can’t afford it.”

“No one who believes in fairness can be happy with what they see happening in South Africa. South Africa today is better than it was before 1994, of course. But we should and could have been further along in improving the lives of most of our people,” he said.

Mmusi stressed that racism and a fairer South Africa can never be compatible. Hence, the need to wipe out racism through the party’s brilliant initiative- #FairSA Campaign.

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Mmusi maintained that the DA is set to stab all appearances of racism anywhere, anytime in the country. Be it within or outside political parties.

“That is why I am so committed to tackling racism wherever we see it, in whatever party, and whichever guise.

“We will only prosper together. Let’s not allow those who always divide to split us according to race. Let’s remind ourselves that we are South Africans brought together by the values of a free South Africa, a fair one and one that opens up opportunities for all,” he said.

Yesterday, the opposition party strongly refuted claims by the ANC that the DA is an all white party. Reacting, Mmusi said the DA was a party for all South Africans.

“Look around you. These are South Africans first and foremost. They are South Africans from all walks of life. The ANC’s message that this party is white and that party is black is their effort to undermine democracy.”

“We are not in the business of building a party for any particular race, we are in the business of building a party for all South Africans.”