ANC’s Mfusi Pleads With DA Not To Be Cry Babies


ANC provincial executive committee spokesperson, Jabu Mfusi, has urged the DA to not be cry-babies. Mfusi said this while responding to an incidence that happened at DA’s event in Kuyasa, Khayelitsha.

During the event, a group of about 10 ANC supporters ANC supporters allegedly threatened to throw chairs at DA supporters.

The event was organized by the DA and held on Tuesday to introduce its ward candidates.

The event, which had the DA leader Mmusi Maimane and Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille in attendance turned sour when supporters wearing ANC T-shirts began chanting and arguing with the DA members in Kuyasa, Khayelitsha.

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DA Cape Town media manager Cameron Arendse related that the hostile supporters were later removed by the police after several attempts.

However, the DA added that it will lay intimidation charges with police and lodge a complaint with the IEC soon.

“The ANC’s disruptive tactics and intimidation of our members and public representatives go against the very spirit of free and fair elections. In line with this, we will lodge a complaint with the IEC,” Arendse said.

DA Happy With Members In Khayelitsha

He expressed happiness that despite ANC supporters’ undemocratic behaviour, DA members remained disciplined to not engaging in political violence.

Challenging the DA, ANC provincial executive committee spokesperson, Jabu Mfusi, asserted that the supporters are not the ruling party’s fans.

“Those who had participated in the disruption were not necessarily ANC members, despite some of them wearing the party’s T-shirts. Our members are trained around the code of conduct of the IEC. We can’t and won’t prevent the DA or any other party from canvassing,” Mfusi countered Arendse.

Mfusi rather urged the DA to not be cry-babies. He said it’s clear the party wants want to win by hook or by crook.

“They don’t have support here. Khayelitsha is an ANC stronghold,” he boasted.

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