We Won’t Be Intimidated, Our Job Posters Remain, DA Tells ANC


South Africa’s official opposition party said their job posters are an ever-present reminder of the many jobless South Africans and that they won’t be intimidated by the ruling party to remove them.

DA related that the ANC demanded of them to remove their job posters in Tshwane under the threat of violence.

Stressing that they won’t remove the job posters, DA argued that the ANC wants their posters removed because they are ashamed of their record and the truth.

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“Our posters…serve as an ever-present reminder to the residents of Tshwane that the ANC’s promises of job creation have all been broken,” DA’s Solly Msimanga remarked.

“Yesterday the ANC demanded that we remove our job posters in Tshwane under threat of violence. Today we have come to Soshanguve to say that we will not be intimidated. Our job posters will remain.

The ANC would like the posters removed because they highlight an inconvenient truth: over the past 5 years, under the ANC government, unemployment in Tshwane has increased.

As we celebrate Youth Day today we must remember the 517,000 residents of this City who do not have jobs, or have given up looking for jobs.

Many of these residents are young people, who have been failed by an ANC government in Tshwane that has become infected by corruption and self-interest. An uncaring government that has not done enough in this City to provide opportunities for the youth,” Msimanga stated.

With that, he challenged ANC to a debate on both parties’ jobs records.

Let’s “put the facts on the table, and let the voters decide. Let voters consider how 40,000 residents joined the ranks of the jobless in ANC-run Tshwane in the first 3 months of this year alone…Let them compare that to the DA-run City of Cape Town, which has brought expanded unemployment down…Let them compare that to DA-run Midvaal which has the lowest unemployment rate of any municipality in Gauteng,” Msimanga dared ANC.

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He thereafter, insinuated that the ruling party is scared of debating DA. “ANC would rather intimidate us than debate us on our records because theirs does not stand up to scrutiny,” he asserted.