ANC Versus DA: Which Party Best Shares Madiba’s Dreams For SA?


The erection of Mandela’s election posters at Union Buildings, by the Democratic Alliance has raised much controversy as critics say such act by the DA shows is no different from the ruling ANC.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane and Tshwane mayoral candidate Solly Msimanga on Monday unveiled Mandela’s election posters urging South Africans to honour Nelson Mandela by voting for the DA.

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The Mandela’s election posters by the DA, which had headlined: “Honour Madiba’s dream, vote DA” were unveiled outside the Union Buildings perimeter fence and a few metres from the 9m-tall bronze statue of Mandela.

There also, Maimane reiterated that only the Democratic Alliance has the mandate of fulfilling the dreams of South Africa’s anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, philanthropist and first president.

“Fellow South Africans, I’m a proud South African. I’m proud of the achievements of people like Nelson Mandela who, when times were tough, knew that we are better together. We must never ever let the sun set on such a glorious occasion and achievement,” Maimane said while addressing DA supporters.

DA’s claim over fulfilling Mandela’s vision for the country echoes the chants by the ruling ANC persuading citizens to vote for the party for Mandela’s sake.

Nelson Mandela is known to be one of the pioneer leaders of the ruling ANC- a party that deemed itself a force of national liberation in the post-apartheid era. However, critics say the ANC has derailed from the Mandela-led visions into a corrupt selfish ambition.

Maimane even took a swipe at President Jacob Zuma and the ANC, accusing them of dividing South Africans on the basis of race. He said the DA is very much interested in shearing the dreams of the country’s foremost leader.

He however, referred to Mandela as a man of honour and integrity; a man of incredible domestic and international respect and a man who had a dream of a non-racial and prosperous South Africa that belonged to all you live in it – black, white, coloured and Indian – united in their diversity.

Hence Maimane said the DA is entitled to invoke the heroism and statesmanship of icon Nelson Mandela first by mounting Mandela’s election poster, and it does not need the permission of the ANC

“We are not saying Nelson Mandela should be a member of our party. That is not what we are saying. We’re saying the values of Mandela were timeless. They were values South Africans from all walks of lives stood and fought for. You can’t say politics must be divided on racial lines but that is Jacob Zuma’s campaign – a man who is fundamentally corrupt,” said Maimane.

“When he (Zuma) speaks of a better life, he means a better life for his friends, the Guptas. When he took the oath of office here, to serve and protect the constitution, it was a complete lie because Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has already said Jacob Zuma violated the constitution. How do we listen to a person whose interests are linked to corruption?”

How DA Plans To Fulfill Mandela’s Dreams

The party however strongly believe that the local elections planned to hold in 10 days will give them a huge win against the ANC. Maimane said the DA will fulfill Madiba’s dreams by accelerate redress and continue on the path of reconciliation, Targets to promote and ensure increasing diversity in all spheres; and Truly broad-based black economic empowerment that allows for opportunities for those who remain outside of the economy

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“This is what we are working for and towards. We need to build bridges instead of burning them, because as our national motto of Unity in Diversity leads us to believe, we are indeed better together.”

With the mounting of Mandela’s election posters,  the DA is however looking forward to a massive win-win in the local government elections planned to take place in ten days.