DA Behind Erection Of ‘Danny Jordaan Zuma’ Billboard


Opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro has claimed responsibility for the appearance of the giant anti-African National Congress (ANC) ‘Danny Jordaan Zuma’ billboard in Port Elizabeth.

The billboard, which read “Danny Jordaan, proudly brought to by Jacob Zuma”, was sighted on a building at Kempston Road, Port Elizabeth on Wednesday. However, after much concern as to who or which party might have sponsored its erection, the DA opened up.

“Yes, it was a DA billboard,” Democratic Alliance MP Andrew Whitfield told reporters on Thursday morning.

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Meanwhile, the billboard was taken down by the municipality on Thursday morning because the municipality claimed it infringed on by-laws.

Opening up on why the DA failed to claim responsibility of the billboard earlier, DA’s Andrew Whitfield said that the party doesn’t think that the announcement was made later than expected and wondered why mayoral spokesperson, Mlungisi Ncame, argues that the DA’s confirmation was made a little too late.

“The billboard went up yesterday afternoon, and the DA announced it this morning, so I don’t think there was a significant delay in announcing the billboard,” Whitfield asserts.

Danny Jordaan, Protector Of President Zuma?

Many believe that the controversial billboard was aimed at Mayor Danny Jordaan. Also, DA’s Whitfield alleged that Jordaan’s instruction to have the billboard brought down indicates that he is a big time protector of Zuma.

“Danny Jordaan has this morning personally and in writing instructed the removal of the DA billboard, showing him to be the personal protector of Jacob Zuma,” Whitfield said in a statement.

He further claimed that Jordaan failed to give reasons for ordering the removal of the billboard. He added that “the DA was consulting its lawyers about taking urgent legal action against Jordaan and the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality.”

Whitfield, who is also the campaign manager in Nelson Mandela Bay claimed that the municipality was being used to protect the ANC and president Jacob Zuma. He also expressed sadness that the DA was denied permission to march on Thursday against President Jacob Zuma.

“The reasons given for refusing us permission were spurious, and probably illegal,” he said.

You’ll recall that before the billboard was brought down, DA mayoral candidate Atholl Trollip’s spokesperson Kristoff Adelbert had earlier said he was not sure if the party was responsible, as the national office handled the party’s marketing.

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