Mandela Was The Father Of The Nation, He Lived For All- DA Hits Back


The DA has hit back at critics, who questioned the party’s fitness to use Mandela’s voice in one of its election advert.

According to the opposition party, former President Nelson Mandela was a man of the people, not for ANC alone.

DA national spokesman, Refiloe Nt’sekhe, maintained that Mandela was an international icon and South Africa’s first democratic president. As such‚ his legacy — and the important democratic vision he fought for — belongs to all South Africans.”

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It is worthy to note that the DA’s assertions are coming days after Nelson Mandela’s son and the ANC slammed the DA for using extracts of voice recordings of Nelson Mandela calling for peace and justice in an election advert.

DA Shouldn’t Have Hijacked Mandela’s Voice

In an earlier criticism, Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, condemned in the strongest terms the desperate lengths to which the DA stooped to dupe voters.

Furthermore, he argued that “hijacking Mandela’s voice” was a “gross violation of the electoral code.”

“The use of Mandela’s voice in an attempt to lend credibility to a party that has made the preservation of white privilege its raison d’être is vile and untruthful. It is a violation of the letter and spirit of South Africa’s electoral code for one party to abuse and defile the image of another,” Mandla opined.

However, DA’s Nt’sekhe said the latest DA advert encourages South Africans to reflect upon how the ANC has abandoned Mandela’s vision for all South Africans.

She added that “Zuma and his ANC cronies are only concerned with unapologetically providing ‘justice‚ peace‚ work and bread’ for themselves at the expense of 8.9 million jobless South Africans and deteriorating service delivery. This is not the legacy that Madiba fought for.

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However, Nt’sekhe boasted that the DA’s advert is a personal account from a voter who shared Mandela’s vision.

“This voter used her knowledge of uTata Madiba and his legacy to make her choice to vote for the DA. She realized that the ANC has changed and can no longer take South Africa forward in the way that Mandela envisioned.

She realized that the DA is the only political party in South Africa which is truly working toward realizing Madiba’s legacy today‚” She boasted.

With the foregoing, the opposition party added South Africans should the ANC for what it really is.