DA – Dear Voters, The Paraffin ANC Is Distributing Is Hazardous To Your Health


Election is here, political parties are intensifying their campaigns to earn more votes, gifts are being shared to woo voters, and the Democratic Alliance (DA) is worried about the “hazardous paraffin” the ruling party is distributing in Tlokwe to win votes.

According to the DA, “thousands of litres of free paraffin was distributed by the municipality in the contested wards,” during the weekend and they are worried because the paraffin distributed last year indicated that there were unsafe for human use.

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DA said “scientific testing was done by the Department of Chemical and Mineral Engineering from the North West University after residents complained of coughing, burning eyes, excessive smoke and explosions caused by the council’s paraffin last year.

The results deemed it unsafe for human use as it was revealed that the paraffin contained hazardous compounds such as benzene and exceeded acceptable aromatic limits and contains carcinogens.”

The party further recounted that their party then, warned that the “R171 million municipal deal to supply free paraffin to poor residents was an ANC image-building exercise ahead of the local government elections. The agreed purchase price of the paraffin from this supplier is also twice the regulated retail price, DA disclosed.”

With the foregoing, the DA stated that they are “concerned about the dangerous methods used by the ANC, who are desperately vying for votes in Tlokwe, by courting voters with free paraffin ahead of the by-elections on Wednesday.

This once again shows that the ANC will stop at nothing to win elections. They will exploit the poor and put them in danger to make sure they don’t have to give up their position in Tlokwe. They will misuse state funds to obtain goods to bribe voters to vote for them,” DA lamented.

They however remarked that they believe voters will no longer hope for the actualization of the ANC election promises when the ANC has consecutively failed for 22 years to make South Africa a better nation.

“Voters should not be blindsided by clean-up campaigns 48 hours prior to the election, the scraping of roads and a sudden surge to serve the people they have neglected for years now,” DA advised.

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