Brian Molefe’s Reinstatement: DA Makes Legal Move Against The Decision


Following Brian Molefe’s reinstatement as Eskom CEO, Democratic Alliance (DA) and other opposition parties have weighed in on the decision which they said is very dishonest.

On Friday, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown approved a decision by the Eskom board that Molefe should go back to Megawatt Park. This follows the board’s refusal to grant him R30 million pension payout after his early retirement.

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Consequently, the DA lambasted Brown’s claim that Eskom’s reinstatement of Brian Molefe as CEO was the only way out of his pension dispute. The party dismissed this notion as disingenuous and simply untrue.

Molefe resigned from his position as Eskom CEO last year. His impromptu resignation follows the release of evidence that he had been in constant contact with one of the Gupta brothers as his family was buying a coal mine that supplies Eskom.

While the ANC alongside opposition parties and unions including Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), South African Communist Party (SACP) and Corruption Watch have condemned Brian Molefe’s reinstatement, the DA is dragging the matter to court.

According to the DA, Molefe was never entitled to a R30 million payout in the first place. Furthermore, the party pointed out that Molefe did not qualify for early retirement as he was under the age of 55. Besides, he only worked at Eskom for 21 months, this only qualifies him for an estimated maximum retirement benefit of only R2,5 million.

Thus, the DA is preparing to file a court application for a review of Molefe’s return to Eskom as CEO. James Selfe, chairperson of the opposition party’s Federal Executive said on Saturday that plans are underway to review Molefe’s reinstatement in court on Monday.

”Yesterday afternoon (Friday) I instructed advocates to start preparing for a review,” said Selfe.

Apparently, Brown’s opinion on the matter fueled DA’s decision to challenge the matter in court.

Speaking during a press conference on Friday afternoon, Brown endorsed Molefe’s return, saying it was a better proposition for the SA fiscus to let him go back to the job he had resigned from.

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”In terms of the Eskom board’s proposal Mr Molefe agreed to serve out the remainder of his original contract and to reconsider his contract I objected to,” Brown said.

”The board’s proposal I believe is a better value proposition for the SA fiscus than the previous proposal,” She added.

Molefe resigned in November 2016. However, his resignation was effective from 1 January 2017, cutting short a five year contract.