DA Councillors Admit The ANC Offered Them Bribe For Leadership Positions


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has expressed its readiness to take legal actions against the ANC in terms of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act if it finally proves that some of its councillors were offered bribe by the ANC.

DA Western Cape leader Patricia de Lille divulged that some DA ward councillors confessed that the ANC offered them bribe for their respective positions.

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As gathered, this bribery tactic would simply force the DA councillors [who won their ANC rivals with small margin] to resign, which will be followed by conduction of by-elections in the relevant wards. She alleged the ANC in Cederberg recently offered her party’s Councillor bribe in order to initiate a by-election.

Mystified by this startling confession, De Lille instructed the Councillors to swear an affidavit that the ANC offered them money for their positions. She also promised to legally handle the matter whenever the truth comes to light.

She described ANC’s attempt to forcefully bring about by-elections in this manner as a destructive approach; lamenting that the ruling party “has refused to to accept the will of the people who elected their DA ward candidates based on the ability to deliver.”

Reacting to the allegation, ANC provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs, downplayed the allegation, describing it as baseless lies.

“DA members are speaking to our people, but these bribery allegations are baseless and devoid of truth. I’ve checked with our structures and it is clear that the DA is trying to create a scandal where there is none,” he said.

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Perhaps, at this point, saying that the ruling party’s hunger for power knows no bound may not be out of place if the DA finally gets vindicated.

No doubt, the party is presently licking its wounds after it went into free-fall in the municipal elections; however, this particular confession raises concerns about the ruling party’s dwindling integrity.