DA Celebrates ANC’s Failure As Mashaba, Trollip Skip No-Confidence Vote


It was another mood of celebrations at the Democratic Alliance as two of the party’s top officials and mayors for Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipalities, Herman Mashaba, Trollip both escaped a motion of no confidence filed by the ruling party, the ANC.

The African National Congress (ANC) almost had their way on Thursday as they filed a motion of no confidence on Herman Mashaba, Athol Trollipand the Council Speaker Vasco da Gama from their posts.

The ANC sought to remove Mashaba and Vasco da Gama after giving tonnes of reasons why they think that the two has brought poor services to the residents of Johannesburg.

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But, even though the EFF and the DA hold directly opposing ideologies and economic roadmaps for South Africa. The EFF still chose to support the party against the ANC. EFF’s Deputy President Shivambu said its because they couldn’t bring themselves to trust the ANC.

Their cooperation in Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay has also proved that there is some ‘technical agreement’ between the EFF and the DA.

The motion against Mashaba was defeated with 121 for and 140 votes against, while the motion against Da Gama also failed by 122 votes for and 140 against.

The EFF held the balance of power with its 30 seats.

Speaking on the matter the DA leader Mmusi Maimane who saw the news about MAshaba, Trollip victory as a great achievement on the part of his party, congratulated the people of Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela for rallying round their mayors despite the political oppositions.


Maimane said South Africans have shown they are ready to reject the ANC, after the ruling party failed to unseat the mayors  Mashaba, Trollip of Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality respectively.

“The failure of the motions of no confidence in Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay show the strength of the coalition governments in those cities. Our coalitions in these metros have withstood the ANC’s efforts to unseat us‚” Maimane said about the voting result.

“Today we have shown the country the unity of purpose in liberating SA from the oppression of corruption and giving the country a fresh start with a new government.”

Also, Herman Mashaba who was overwhelmed by the huge turnout of Joburg resident in his support and the final result of the vote, congratulated his people and saying their support has made him more confident that his works are being appreciated by his people.

Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba said the will of the people has been upheld after he survived a vote on a motion of no confidence and that the ANC’s failed attempt to remove him shows the party will never govern in Johannesburg ever again.

“Actually it really makes me sad and angry if the ANC now is trying to destabilise us, particularly in Gauteng where they are used to using the government as their ATM machines.”

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Mashaba’s spokesperson Luyanda Mfeka also said that the motion was a desperate attempt by the ANC to regain control of the city’s purse to further corruption.

“This was a frivolous motion and fortunately it didn’t affect how we conduct business and this administration will continue running its business,” Mfeka said.