Bitou Local Municipality: ANC Receives The Boot, DA Triumphs In Coalition Tussle


A compromise has been reached after further negotiations and discussions about the way forward in Bitou local municipality.

Consequently, The African National Congress (ANC) in the municipality in the Western Cape has been given received the boot while the Democratic Alliance (DA) emerged victorious in the council’s coalition negotiation.

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This follows the failure to form a coalition between the Active United Front (AUF) and the ANC. Bitou mayor and AUF secretary Peter Lobese announced last month that his party’s coalition with the ANC had hit the rocks as a result of issues that made it impossible to form a relationship.

Following this announcement, Lobese invited both the DA and the ANC to deliberate on what to do next.

In Lobese’s statement, the ANC frustrated all attempts to establish a clean administration and to commit resources to address the difficulties faced by Bitou residents. Also, it did not implement their initial coalition agreement and had had not signed a service delivery which was a part of their agreement.

As a result, the ANC/AUF coalition came to a premature end, leading to fresh negotiations.

The negotiations came to an end last week and on Saturday, Lobese announced that a decision had been made. The AUF has now formed a coalition with the DA.

A statement confirming the newly formed relationship says;

“The AUF has entered a pro-poor co-operation agreement with the DA to grow the local economy and to improve the lives of our people.”

The agreement was based on several principles including the provision of houses and employment to those who needed it.

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“The AUF needs a partnership that brings a better offer for service delivery and economic upliftment of our people. The coalition government will be based on racial integration through special development, clean governance, ‘pro-poor’ service delivery, social, and economic development. We have identified and agreed on a number of projects that will improve the social cohesion and economy of the town for job creation.”

Notwithstanding, the parties had agreed to put structures in place to monitor and implement the stipulations of this agreement.

After the August 3, 2016 municipal elections, the ANC and the DA both obtained six seats in the 13-seat council while the AUF secured the final position. As a result, the AUF was left with the decision to form a coalition with one the parties to move Bitou local municipality forward.