CYRIL RAMAPHOSA: No Other Time But Now For SA To Get Rid Of Greedy And Corrupt People


The current uproar in South Africa following Zuma axing the finance Minister among others has seem much of the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa standing among the Zuma critics calling for change in the democratic system.

An audio recording has emerged in which Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa tells South Africans that the moment to get rid of corrupt people is now.

Though it appears the clip is from a speech he delivered in KwaZulu-Natal this weekend, Ramaphosa is heard supporting a move against those fighting to get hold of the treasury by all means.

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The deputy apparently turned his back at Zuma as he retained his stance against Gordhan and Jonas’ axing last week. In the extract he’s heard telling the audience that a process has started that will “trigger” the “renewal” of the country.

By “the process” the deputy could be pointing at the events of last Thursday night where Zuma released his list in the cabinet reshuffle which was largely kicked against by South Africans.

Cyril Ramaphosa went on to call on South Africans to support the efforts that are going to be made by those who want to make sure the country lives up the values of Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo.

“Be in support of those who will be leading that charge because a moment of great renewal is upon us, so let’s act together in unity,” he said, adding that the moment to renew the country has arrived and that South Africans must not let it pass.

“I want it to be clear that some who continue to serve the government are not in support of the action that has just been taken. Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas are two comrades … who stood firm against corruption, who stood firm against having the Treasury of our country being captured, who stood firm in support of great values and doing the right things. And to be rewarded with a dismissal when you’ve being doing the right things, in my view, is hugely unfair and unacceptable.”

“We must, therefore, have the courage to talk against the action you are taking, which is exactly what I am doing. Many people are troubled by what they see happening to their own beloved country.” Cyril Ramaphosa said in recordings.

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Ramaphosa’s description of the level of corruption operating in the country brings to mind a comment by Barbara Hogan, a former Minister of Health and of Public Enterprises in the Cabinet of South Africa, who described Zuma as one who worshiped at an altar of corruption.

“Mr. President, if you had ears to hear and eyes to see you would step down as Kathy would want,” said Hogan before being drowned by a crowd screaming, clapping singing and dancing in calling for Zuma to step down.

Hogan lashed out at Zuma suggesting that if he had “ears to hear and eyes to see” he could not have hired and fired so many finance ministers over the last few years.