We Can Employ 6 Million Jobless People By 2019 – Cyril Ramaphosa


South Africa’s Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says it is possible to employ 6 million jobless people in the country by 2019.

He was speaking in his capacity as the chairperson of the Public Employment Inter-ministerial Committee at the first day of the Public Works Programme Summit, in Pretoria.

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In his keynote address to about 600 delegates at the summit, the business mogul disclosed that the EPWP intends to create 6 million job opportunities before the end of the five-year term.

He said this goal can only be attained when people of integrity take the centre stage, without abusing public fund or amassing riches to themselves.

On how to do this, he said: “…And how are we going to do it? We will do it without stealing the government money; that’s when we can do it effectively.

We will do it when we act as people of integrity, as we act with great respect for the assets of the people, the assets of our State,” Ramaphosa stated.

In the course of the meeting, he also turned the spotlight on the need for South Africans to work together towards building a corruption-free South Africa.

The Deputy President revealed that one of the ways this can be achieved is by establishing an inter-corruption and mismanagement task team which would ensure that corrupt individuals, irrespective of their societal height are dealt with.

Cyril Ramaphosa upheld that South Africa and the world at large would be a better place if people refrain from indulging in corruption and mismanagement of state funds and all whatnot.

Stepping a bit into politics, the deputy president asserted that it takes mature and responsible minds to fight corruption and mismanagement, urging his listeners not to enthrone “Mickey Mouse People” into government. He disclosed that corruption in South Africa can only be effectively and efficiently tackled by the best leaders.

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Lastly, he reminded the people that EPWP is about empowering residents in villages, informal settlements and townships with skills they can use beyond the life of a project.