CT’s MyCiti Bus: 5 Facts Job Seekers Must Know About The Free Ride


Concerned by the difficulties faced by South Africa’s job seekers across the country, the city of Cape Town plans to introduce a free ride for all CT job seekers called Myciti bus.

This is a move taken by the  CT Mayor Patricia De Lille in her R44.3-billion budget which she released on Tuesday.

As stated in the budget, R6.6-million to has been allocated to subsidise free bus rides on the MyCiti service.

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This, according to the mayor, would help make it easier for people looking for work to sprawl the city and attend their job interviews without much stress.

It’s no news how the high rate of unemployment affects the nation’s economy.  SA is named the third country with the highest number of unemployed youths in the world, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risk 2014 report.

The official unemployment rate for South Africa, as at end of quarter 2, 2016 is 26.6% with one out of every 4 people eligible and willing to work citizens being without a job.

The city of Cape town is, however,  recognised as one of the cities with the highest number of the unemployed so far. Nevertheless, the DA government under Mayor Patricia de Lille plans to cut the unemployment rate to its barest minimum.

“The city has made provision for up to R6.6-million to pay for and subsidise bus rides on the MyCiti service for unemployed people in Cape Town‚” she said.

“This is being done to “to enable job seekers to access opportunities easier” because “many people give up looking for work because travel costs are a barrier”.

MyCiti Bus: How It Will Operate

Announcing her government’s  plans to help job seekers, Mayor Patricia pointed out some important facts the borders ought to know about the MyCiti bus. This include:

  • That the MyCiti Bus subsidy will be implemented at the end of September
  • The bus applies to commuters who travel on the MyCiti service between 10:00 and 15:30 and who use the MyCiti connect card.
  • All trips will be free of charge for MyConnect card users
  • The MyCiti bus covers routes in the inner city as well as further away to Atlantis, Mitchells Plein, Khayelitsha and the Cape Flats.
  • Plans are underway to expand the service to the Southern Suburbs.

“This is specifically aimed at job seekers and is another contribution from the city to creating an enabling environment for economic growth‚” said De Lille.

“This is a manifesto commitment to residents where we said we are going to give job seekers free access to transport‚” she added.

It is not clear yet how the plan will be rolled out exactly and how the system will be administered. There is also the challenge of areas the buses do not connect to – especially the northern suburbs.

This is a manifesto commitment to residents where we said we are going to give job seekers free access to transport,” De Lille said.

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Despite a great deal of policy attention and the implementation of a range of public and private interventions, SA’s unemployment situation has worsened over the past eight years.

The government under President Jacob Zuma has, however, vowed to work harder to ensure that nearly every South Africa gets access to quality jobs.